What is the cost of the Noble Benefits Plan?

The $10 annual cost of membership is waived.

Who is Noble Benefits Plan?

Noble Benefits Plan is the answer to the challenge of middle class Americans to maintain their standard of living and to get ahead and stay ahead. Noble Benefits Plan offers education and access to affordable professional services and everyday products so that the average American can make choices that will provide financial security for themselves and their families.

Who can join Noble Benefits Plan?

Membership is available to any Noble member or his or her family members over the age of 18 years old.

How do I contact Noble benefits Plan directly?

Call toll free 24/7 at 1-866-729-5454, or email, admin@cbaplan.com

What kind of products and services do Noble benefits Plan offer?

Noble Benefits Plan offers access to Financial Planning, Insurance, Legal, Real Estate and Health Care products and services as well as to products from over 250 national brand retailers.

Will Noble Benefits Plan share my personal details with anyone?

No. Noble benefits Plan values your privacy as much as you do, and will never share your personal details with anyone without your prior approval. It is understood that you may choose to share information with any Noble Benefits Plan partners and may request that we do so on your behalf.

How do you choose Plan providers and Plan products?

Each Plan provider and offered product or service is carefully screened to ensure the provider is highest rated professional who serves the police and who is willing to offer the same services at reduced rates. Each provider must comply with rigid standards of member service and outcomes and is subject to removal from the Plan for any violation.

What if I or a family member have questions which are not answered on the website?

As always, you are welcome to call our service center toll free 1-866-729-5454.

My family members wish to join. How is this done?

Each family member must register on our website and download their membership information and member card.

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